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The Cyber Warrior Wisdom of Network Master

The Cyber Warrior Wisdom of Network Master

The Cyber Warrior Wisdom of Network Master


Hacking is the new martial art of the 21st century. To become a master hacker, you must think strategically and analytically. Master OTW offers  some of his strategic wisdom for the novice hacker that every hacker should be armed with before doing battle.

1. Fools are always speaking. The wise listen.

2. Hacking is a process; not a technology or collection of tools.

3. If a service is free, you are not the customer, you are the product.

4. Only the fool goes to battle without adequate reconnaissance of their enemy.

5. “Listen” closely and intently to your enemy, they will tell you everything you need to know to defeat them.

6. If you believe in nothing, you can be led to believe anything.

7. Every adversary–no matter how strong and powerful–always has a weakness. Find the weakness and exploit it.

8. Humility is a virtue and strengthens the warrior; hubris is an evil and weakens the warrior. 

9. A great offense might win the battle, but a great defense wins the war.

10. Turn the power and strength of your opponent against them.

11. The battle often does NOT go the strongest, but rather to the most persistent.

12. There is ALWAYS opportunity in chaos.

13. Avoid your adversary’s strength and attack their weaknesses.

14. Never become predictable.

15. When faced with an adversary of overwhelming power and strength, do not face them head on. Strike only when you have the element of surprise.

16. Understanding human psychology, motivation, and behavior is one of the hacker’s most important tools.

17. A series of persistent, small wins will defeat your opponent.

18. Create confusion and dissension within the ranks of your opponent.

19. At times, it can be advantageous to retreat to lure your opponent into an vulnerable position.

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